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February 24 2012

The 20th GIF in your folder is how you react to failing an exam





Submitted by: helloholmes


This is such a lie.


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The full series of ten prints are available in the Nerdware Store via society6!   Just a bit of shameless self promotion.  Go buy them on things if you like them.  If you don’t want to buy them, be sure to share them on your blog.  All reblogs and likes are really appreciated, mainly because I like you guys.  You can get all of these on various products, links below.  All art prints start at $15.  All shirts are $18.

Video Game Typography by Kody Christian [Me]

Typograsm <3 Very very beautiful.

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sixdegreesofbevinkacon said: aw thanks tammy! i love you<33

No worries dearest. <3 

You’re the first person I saw in the featured panel today so… I picked you. :D <3 And you are awesome anyway. <3

Featured Person of the Day: Camryn

Follow her guys. She’s awesome.


Have done one for the rest of last week and this week. I feel awful, unproductive and plain shit. I have been coming up with stuff, but I just can’t word them out. This is pure creative block and it’s freaking killing me. I don’t like any inch of it. Someone give me back my creative mojo if anyone took it. However, as I write this, I might have known the cause for such temporary deterioration of my creativeness. Yes, i wasn’t able to get the scholarship I was aiming for in Japan. University of Tokyo-PEAK was a dream for me. Well, I cannot be bothered to be depressed anymore. It’s done. Something’s better coming and by that; it is going to be much better. I have my faith with the Supreme Being. Always. Anyway, have a nice day/evening/night everyone. I love you. All of you have not yet failed to make me smile. 

Tammy x

February 23 2012

Let's say you run for President; fourth gif with words is your campaign motto



… lol, that is a bit too appropriate.

Ummmm… that’s not creepy at all.

Cannot see… any connection or correlation.. at all.

My spanking new theme.

Anyway, since my new theme is dope; I decided to do something. I am going to put the people who would come up at the “featured” panel which can be found at the left side of my page. Think it like would be a sort of promotion of people I follow I guess. Good idea? Yes. It is for me. 

Tammy x 

Adam Nowak


Adam Nowak | 19 | Photographer | Poland | FC: Andrew Garfield | Open

Adam is a determined young man. He always gets what he wants, and never settles for less that what he deserves. He takes pride in photography and art in general. He’s good at what he does, and knows it. He himself contacted Samantha Erikson’s daughter Aidan to ask about the special program for the gifted. Him and Aidan were friends, having met when she was on vacation in Poland with her father. She knew of his talent and convinced her mother to consider him as one of her students. She ended up loving his work. That meant a lot to him. Adam had a chance to shine now. Will he?

Some audition for him. Thank you. :D

Play fullscreen

I dunno who the person is but okay. 

Submitted by: Henry (minis.jcc@gmail.com)

Global Dynamics Solutions Inc. It’s inside Philippines Stock Exchange building. :D

February 22 2012


Red - I love you.
Deep Red - I’m in love with you.
Pink - I could stay on your blog for hours.
Yellow - You’re amazing.
Peach - I miss you.
Blue - I want to get to know you.
Purple - You’re hot.
Brown - I would fuck you.
Green - I would date you.
Black - I hate you.
White - Delete your tumblr.
Violet - Go die.

Anyone please? :D

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And there goes my husband <3

6174 709f 420

My husband has swaaaaaag <3 

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6176 a4d0 420

Gaaaaaaaah, he went crazy when I deserted him, that reason behind from being white haired to blue haired. :|

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6178 81a7 420

The perfection I know. <3 

6182 7182 420

Gaaaah. My husband and his swag <3 

Play fullscreen

My husband. 2:01-2:31 <3 <3

Blue - Big Bang 

I love you always. Never deserted you guys. <3 I love you… Swag always.

Reposted byirokichigai irokichigai


..for the next few posts that I will do. It wouldn’t take long I swear. So if you don’t like Big Bang and T.O.P or any of their swag, please forgive me and don’t desert me. I love you all. This is just a one time moment only. I swear. <3

Tammy x

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